Big Tobacco and Women: A Codependent Relationship

women, big tobacco

We recently had the international day of women, and a lot of people started talking about the importance of tobacco and its relationship in the case of women. What is tobacco’s relationship to women and how can we explore it further? It’s important to note that 200000 women in the US alone tend to die from smoking.

There are many reasons why women are smoking and succumbing to tobacco. Not only are they subject to sexism, but they also have to deal with exploitation and manipulation. These are only a few of the many reasons why more and more women are trying to deal with this sort of problem in their unique way. Finding the best solution is mandatory here, although it’s rather to figure out the right option for the time being.

It all began with sexism until WWII. At that time, women could not smoke in public, but this particular thing has changed very fast with the increase in cigarette sales. Thankfully, it was a very distinct and unique experience for women in that era, but the problem is that they used smoking as an empowering method. It all came down to their psyche and the fact that they could find some independence from smoking was exactly what they wanted to have at that particular time.

During the 30s and up until the 80s, there were numerous sexist ad campaigns. These obviously started to place a lot of pressure on women, unwanted pressure that wasn’t necessary and which obviously didn’t manage to bring anything good into the mix. There were all kinds of sexist ads for cigarettes that also put a lot of pressure on women, and it clearly showed that sexism sells.

However, soon after that most companies realized that to draw women towards tobacco, they have to come up with a new type of branding. They focused on women’s liberations and a wide array of other interesting ideas. There were still clear signs of women manipulation during this time to retain the attention of women towards the industry.

Making sure that you stay away from big tobacco is very important at this point, because your life and health is at stake, so you want to make sure that you don’t deal with any major health problems, to begin with. Obviously, it will be rather hard to figure out the best approach here, but in the end, it’s the attention to the adverse effects of tobacco and how you can handle the situation that will dictate the results. It will be downright challenging to retain the same focus and appreciation towards the tobacco industry, knowing how it treated women up until this point. In fact, many women nowadays tend to lose emotional problems, fat shaming or anything like that. These were the issues that put them face to face with big tobacco companies, but now that women have a way to deal with this problem, the issue is solved, and nothing is more important!

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