Atmos Studio Rig

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Atmos has some of the best vaporizers under its belt. In the recent times, e -nails are gaining popularity and there are various brands that have released e -nails. Studio rig is Atmos‘ 510 e -nail attachment. This is available with /without box mod. E -nails are easy to use and are portable. You can have the rig experience conveniently and efficiently.

Atmos studio Rig goes well with Dry herb and concentrate and the vapor quality is simply superb. The threading is versatile and the vapor, clean. This is also relatively inexpensive without compromising on its quality. You are sure to be surprised with its performance and the value it offers for such a price.

Atmos studio comes with a chamber at the base that will connect to box mod with a 510 thread. There is a glass water filtration attachment that cools the vapor. This e-nail offers dual compatibility with two attachments, one for herb and the other for wax. You can enjoy the experience with both the materials.

You will receive a magnetic card cap and user manual with the studio kit.

This solid, well designed e- nail also has Atmos engraving. This simple design Atmos product is especially suitable for beginners. This is efficient and inexpensive and value for your money is guaranteed!

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