The Aspire Zelos Kit: What does it feature?

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Aspire, a renowned industry leader, is known for its effective vaping products which are unmatched in design and performance. One of their latest and the most innovative releases is the Aspire Zelos kit. It is stylish in looks, compact in design, high in performance and rich in flavor. It definitely has stolen the high mark on the radar owing to its aesthetics and features. Learn more about what it has to offer in the following section.


The Impressive Features of Aspire Zelos


  • The Starter Kit


Aspire Zelos is a 50W mod which is meant for intermediate and advanced users. It is perfectly suited for users who want a compact and light vaping device that is handy and easy to use. Its ergonomic design has a high-drain built in battery that runs at 2500 mAH. It has a wide range of customization features like various vaping effects, temperature controls and more.


  • Color variations and body


The Aspire Zelos starter kit comes in a standard packaging. It is available in colors black, silver and grey. The body has a matte gloss with a smooth finish. The package contains a micro-USB cable, a manual and leaflets for guidance.


The body of Aspire Zelos is sleek, elongated and fits the hand comfortably. Its dimension is 23 mm x 128 mm. The capacity of its tank is 2 ml, which is quite convenient when travelling. It is highly impressive in terms of portability, performance and aesthetics.


  • Specifications


  • Battery- The Aspire Zelos has an in built 2500 mah battery. The battery powering makes this device powerful, durable and long-lasting.


  • Tank- It has a Nautilus 2 ml tank which has a neat design. The clear parts are made from borosilicate glass and the bulk is made of 304 stainless steel.


  • Detailed features- The Aspire Zelos is perfectly detailed and manufactured accurately. The customization options include wattage, voltage, temperature control and bypass. You can change the temperature to stainless steel, titanium or nickel.
  • The quality of flavor- The Aspire Zelos is outstanding in terms of the flavor it provides. This model design is suitable for mouth to lung style vaping. It performs well even at times when only one airflow inlet is open. No matter what coil you put on top of it, it provides an optimal and intensive flavor.


A fine product that is elegant in looks, high in performance, smooth in operation and optimal in flavor makes for a perfect vaping device. This is also great in terms of portability.

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