An innovative way to Vape, featuring the MELO 300

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Melo 300, a total bad-ass in Vapes is now available with tremendous vapor and a flavor so strong that it will blow your mind. A compact and an attractive looking atomizer for people who like to enjoy inhaling vapor through a personal Vape.

A smart alternative to smoking has some amazing benefits and smart a smart look makes it more effective and eye-catchy.

Introducing, Melo 300

What is it?

Melo 300 has 6 coils and rates at ultra-high with the power ranging from 100-300W which helps it to produce a huge amount of strongly flavored vapor. It comes in 2 different sizes; 3.5ml type and 6.5ml type. The best feature has to be the airflow and flavor; all parts of this Vape product are easy to reassemble as well.

How does it work?

It has a unique method of Vaping. To fill the Vape tank, all you have to do is slide the drip tip back, which is very easy to unlock and manage the fill port right under it. It has been designed in such a way to produce huge amounts of vapor and that’s the reason why it has very large and adjustable airflow inlets which allow it to do so.

You Will Receive:

1x – EleafMelo 300 Tank 3.5ml/6.5ml

2x – Eleaf ES Sextuple Replacement Coils

Product features:

  • Large Chamber Size
  • Comes in 2 different sizes; 3.5ml type and 6.5ml type
  • Stainless steel body
  • Comes in two colors(Black, Silver)
  • Adjustable airflow as per the need
  • Detachable Body

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