hempearth, hemp plane, cannabis plane

Seen this Hemp Plane?

Canadian cannabis company Hempearth designed the world’s first plane made from and powered by cannabis. Established in 2012, Hempearth also sells cannabis oils and a

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atmos studio rig, atmos rig, studio rig, glass attachment

Atmos Studio Rig

Atmos has some of the best vaporizers under its belt. In the recent times, e -nails are gaining popularity and there are various brands that

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vape expo raided, vape expo italy, vape expo in italy

Vape Expo in Italy Raided?

Essentially, all distribution of vapor products are prohibited in Italy except by businesses which apply for (and pay for) a license, as tobacconists must be

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vape study, vaping study, dr. farsalinos

Farsalinos Replication Study

Result of the Farsalinos replication study Recently, Dr. Farsalinos published the results of his replication study entitled Do flavouring compounds contribute to aldehyde emissions in

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wotofo bravo rta, bravo rta, wotofo bravo, wotofo

Wotofo Bravo

The Bravo RTA is 25mm in diameter and is available in Matte Black, Matte Gunmetal, Blue, Gold, Rainbow and finally, polished stainless. The Deck is

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